Who we are.

At DayBlink, we believe in leading bold initiatives that generate unique value. By creating, operating, and investing in businesses that see the world and its opportunities differently, we drive long-term sustainable success across multiple domains. We understand what it takes to build something great, and are passionate about turning innovative ideas into unprecedented realities.

    How we invest.

    We can be found at the intersection of the best ideas and technologies. DayBlink invests in wholly owned and operated businesses, as well as assuming majority or minority stakes in rapidly growing enterprises. We seek out opportunities with favorable long-term growth prospects to which we can add value and intimately understand.

    Our values.

    We value those who embrace change, operate with a sense of urgency, are not afraid to push the limits of technology and are looking to disrupt industries. Guided by teamwork, honesty, and integrity, we direct our resources to businesses that align with our areas of expertise while also providing synergies across our portfolio.

    to venture.

    All of our wholly and majority owned companies are proudly certified by the USPAACC and NMSDC.